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Brrkeley as they were as poets, Wallace Stevens, E. Cummings, Robert Frost, and Williams Carlos Williams grappled with the highly charged literary politics of the s in comparable ways.

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As other writers moved sharply to the Left, and as leftist critics promulgated a proletarian aesthetics, these modernist poets keenly felt the pressure of the times and politicized literary scene. All four poets saw their reputations critically challenged in these years and felt compelled to respond to the new politics, literary and national, in distinct ways, ranging from rejection to involvement.

Beleaguered Poets and Leftist Critics closely examines the dynamics of these responses: what these four poets wrote—in letters, essays, lectures, fiction for Williamsand most importantly, in their poems; what they believed berkeley escort and aesthetically; how critics, particularly leftist critics, reviewed their work; how these poets reacted to that criticism and to the broader milieu of leftism. An important collection of personal essays from one of bsrkeley most widely published American environmental beekeley addresses the effects of ranching on the environment.

Acclaimed nature writer Linda M. Hasselstrom escoort herself as a rancher who writes—a definition that shapes the tone and content of her writing.

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Now owner of the South Dakota cattle ranch where she grew up, Hasselstrom lives in intimate contact with the natural world. Nature is my boss, manager of the branch office—or ranch office—where I toil to convert native grass into bermeley. If I want to keep my job as well as my home, I pay attention not only to Nature's orders, but to her escodt and whims. As one who knows and loves the land, Hasselstrom appreciates the concerns of environmental activists and understands that responsible ranchers can play a role in nurturing a healthy rural ecosystem.

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Rich in detail, humor, and pathos, these essays offer wry commentary on the scope of human folly and the even greater human potential for community and empathy. People who live in cities. Even wilderness lovers who probe deeply are only passing through. We who live on the land truly live within the escoort, each of our lives only one among the other inhabitants of the place.

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Available in hardcover and paperback. The early letters were written before Niedecker's marriage and at a time when the poet had "more trees for friends than people. The following period, the Milwaukee years, form the bulk of the collection and saw the establishment of Niedecker's identity as a poet. Berkeley escort the city of "point-top towers," she wrote Corman frequently about poetry, other poets, current events, and daily life.

After her return in to Black Hawk Island, relieved of earlier anxieties over publication, she was confidently at work on her sequences, her most serious poetic undertaking. Carl Sandburg - American Writers 97 was first published in Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

In this narrative of the life and work of Charles Olson, Ralph Maud focuses on what the poet read as a basis for understanding the work he produced. An individual who rarely traveled, this major American poet explored the world and berieley history as well as the furthest reaches of the thought of his day esxort books.

Maud also outlines the surprisingly multiple role of the painter Corrado Cagli, who brought home to Olson the ificance of the Holocaust and introduced him both to the Tarot and to the theories of non-Euclidean geometry that Olson variously incorporated into his poems and essays. No modern poet is more revealed in his sources than Olson. City Dog: Essays W.

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When a self-proclaimed "lazy scholar" embarks on a escorf through his life's influences--as diverse as girl-group doo-wop, Yeats, and Van Gogh--readers are berke,ey for an illuminating ride. This collection of essays from cultural critic Di Piero veers from his early years as the son of immigrants in Philadelphia to his working life in art, film, music, and poetry.

Along with a few choice essays reprinted from out-of-print collections, Di Piero's new work shows him to be insightful about himself and his work despite his protestations against the "boosterism" of autobiography.

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Through the lens of his sharp artistic analysis, readers see his story--an immigrant story filled with the music and mystery of a multilingual family, the men of his neighborhood wearing so many hats as they worked--as the auspicious beginning for his life of observation and revelation. His prose sings along, tripping across slang, poetry, and painters with the same precision that allows him to nearly dance about architecture.

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Though Di Piero would claim that his beroeley path "lurches and swerves," his essays prove that he has wandered expansively and with purpose--a city dog trotting across continents, berkeley escort s, and through galleries. The similarities between the letters and the poems makes the typical concordance search for the poet's thematically ificant words and biographical references particularly relevant. Tracing Dickinson's thoughts through her correspondence complements the ideas within her poetry and thus provides a more comprehensive insight into the poet's personal and artistic development.

The concordance will facilitate an understanding of words or concepts that may be obscure in the poetry by itself. Research into Dickinson's problematic style, characterized by gaps, disjunctions, and ellipses, will be greatly enhanced. By listing Dickinson's words together with their contexts and frequencies, the concordance provides the scholar with the ability to answer confidently questions of a statistical or stylistic nature.

Finally, one of the most important functions of this concordance is to provide scholar, student, and general reader alike with endless opportunities to make exciting and unexpected discoveries by way of browsing. It is a fascinating, berkeley escort look at a beroeley of our past. Born and raised by semiliterate parents on a subsistence farm in northeastern Wisconsin, Peters lived harrowingly close to the eventual stuff of his poetry—the dependency of humans on animal lives, the inexplicable and ordinary heroism and baseness of people facing extreme conditions, the urgency of physical desire.

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Sterling childhood memoirs. It is also enormously fscort to read, and it is among the most authentic s of childhood and youth I know—a Wisconsin David Copperfield! OD68 Now, nearly forty years after its original translation into English, Roger Asselineau's complete and magisterial biography of Walt Whitman will remind readers of the complex weave of traditions in Whitman scholarship.

It is startling to recognize how much of our current understanding of Whitman was already esckrt by Asselineau nearly half a century ago.

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Throughout its eight hundred s, The Evolution of Walt Whitman speaks with authority on a vast range of topics that define both Whitman the man and Berkeley escort the mythical personage. Remarkably, most of these discussions remain fresh and relevant, and that is in part because they have been so influential. In particular, The Evolution of Walt Whitman inaugurated the study of Leaves of Grass as a lifelong work in progress, and it marked the end of the habit of talking about Leaves as if it were a single unified book.

But brekeley this objective persona burned the soul of a risk taker who was willing to rewrite Whitman studies by bravely proposing what was then a controversial biographical source for Whitman's art—his homosexual desires. The Evolution of Walt Whitman is a reminder that extraordinary works of criticism never exist in and of themselves.

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In this expanded edition, Roger Asselineau has provided a new essay summarizing his own continuing journey with Whitman. O'Hara's poems are famously filled with proper namesfrom those berkeley escort his immediate friends and colleagues in the New York writing and art worlds John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Grace Hartigan, Willem de Kooning, and many musicians, dancers, and filmmakers to a broad range of popular cultural and literary heroes Apollinaire to Jackie O. But rather than understand O'Hara's most commonly referenced names as a fixed and insular audience, Shaw argues that he uses the ambiguities of reference associated with the names to invent a fluid and shifting kinship structureone that opened up radical possibilities for a gay writer operating outside the structure of the family.

As Shaw demonstrates, this commitment to an experimental model of association also guides O'Hara's art writing. Like his poetry, O'Hara's art writing too has been condemned as insular, coterie writing. In fact, though, he was alone among s critics in his willingness to consider abstract expressionism not only within the dominant languages of existentialism and formalism but also within the cold war political and popular cultural frameworks that anticipate many of the concerns berkeley escort contemporary art historians.

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Situating O'Hara within a range of debates about art's possible relations to its audience, Shaw demonstrates that his interest in coterie is less a symptomatic offshoot of his biography than a radical literary and artistic invention. How Did Poetry Survive? Lorine Niedecker —70 was a poet of extraordinary talent berkeley escort life beekeley berkeley escort were long enveloped in obscurity. A brief college career cut short by family obligations and an equally brief marriage were followed in by the start of a life-changing correspondence and complicated berkkeley friendship with modernist poet Louis Zukofsky, who connected Niedecker to a literary lifeline of distant poets and magazines.

Supporting herself by turns as a hospital scrubwoman and proofreader for a berkdley journal, Niedecker made esfort late betkeley to an industrial painter, which gave her time to write and publish her work in the final decades of her life. Since her death much more of her surviving writings have been published, including a comprehensive edition of collected works and two volumes of correspondence. Loving Mountains, Loving Men is the first book-length treatment of a topic rarely discussed or examined: gay life in Appalachia.

Appalachians are known for their love of place, yet many gays and lesbians from the mountains flee to urban areas. Jeff Mann tells the story of one who left and then returned, who insists on claiming and celebrating both regional and erotic identities.

In memoir and poetry, Mann describes his life as an openly gay man who has remained true to his mountain roots. Mann recounts his upbringing in Hinton, a small town in southern West Virginia, as well as his realization of his homosexuality, his early encounters with homophobia, his coterie of supportive lesbian friends, and his initial attempts to escape his native region in hopes of finding a freer life in urban gay communities. Mann depicts his difficult search for a romantic relationship, the family members who have given him the strength to defy convention, his anger against religious intolerance and the violence of homophobia, and his love for the rich folk culture of the Highland South.

His character and values shaped by the mountains, Mann has reconciled his homosexuality with both berkeley escort definitions of Appalachian manhood and his own attachment to home and kin. Loving Mountains, Loving Men is a compelling, universal story of making peace with oneself and the wider world. The Milkweed Ladies the memoirs of poet Louise McNeill, is written our deep affection for and intimate knowledge of the lives of rural people and the rhythms of the natural world.

It is a personal of the farm in southern West Virginia where her family has lived for nine generations. Born inMcNeill tells the story of her own growing years on the farm through the circadian rhythms of rural life. By the s, the farm and the surrounding community had been drastically changed by the destruction left by the lumber companies, by the increased access to the outside world resulting from railway and automobile, and by war.

McNeill herself left the farm in to complete her college education and to persue her literary career. But the larger world moves closer and closer to the world of the farm as McNeill herself moves away from it. As she sits in the Berkeley escort Hotel in New York City, reading the headlines about Hiroshima, she understands that she can never see the farm in the same way again.

Over a forty-six-year career, Langston Hughes experimented with black folk expressive culture, creating an enduring body of extraordinary imaginative and critical writing. Riding the crest of African American creative energy from the Harlem Renaissance to the onset of Black Power, he commanded an artistic prowess that survives in the legacy he bequeathed to a younger generation of writers, including award winners Alice Walker, Paule Marshall, and Amiri Baraka.

De Santis, carefully reexamine the ificance of his work and life for their continuing relevance to American, African American, and diasporic literatures and cultures. But that plan was derailed when at age eighteen, Isabella caused a drunk-driving accident. In Not at All What One Is Used To, author Marian Janssen tells the story of this passionate, troubled woman, whose career as a poet was in constant compromise with her wayward love life and her impulsive and reckless character.

Poets On Place W. Out to see America and satisfy his travel bug, W.

- university of california - berkeley

Pfefferle reed from his position as director of the writing program at Johns Hopkins University and hit the road to interview sixty-two poets about the ificance of place in their work. The lively conversations that resulted may surprise with the potential meanings of a seemingly simple concept. This gathering of voices and ideas is illustrated with photo and word portraits from the road and represented with suitable poems.

Harper, C. The focus of Present Past is her life after the Shoah. Rejecting stereotypes of berkeley escort as traumatized or broken, Schieber is stark yet exuberant, berksley yet nuanced. In it, she plays the passionate observer who dispassionately curates the kaleidoscopic memories berkley her tumultuous personal and professional life in Belgrade, Prague, Tel Aviv, New York, and Berkelsy. Organized into thirteen chapters, each a blend of images, poems, and narrative, this moving new work offers myriad points of entry to readers of these genres, those fascinated in the relationship between the Holocaust and art, as well as readers interested in memory and survivorship.

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The Secret of M. Coyle and Filreis present the entire extant correspondence between the two men. The fifty-one Rodriguez Feo letters and ten of the numerous Stevens letters are printed here for the first time, and the exchange between the two is unusually complete. The work includes a critical introduction and complete annotation of the letters. There has never been an edition of the selected letters of Walt Whitman, a remarkable fact considering how accustomed we are to becoming acquainted with major writers through their letters.

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