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What does it mean to you? Are you proud of it or would you prefer to hide your background? As usual it seems to me to be a case of gypsies wanting special treatment. Mon Jan 31 Maggie To: Robert Gorgere.


Thank you for what you have said about the use of the word Gorger. Its nice to know that not everyone has the same opinion about us and that not everyone wants to pick a fight about something or other just to be arguing with us. Maggie To all the people who think that by us calling you gorges it is offensive. Why do you?

It is not an offensive word. We use the word because it is part of our language. It is not some rude name it is just our word for country person. Its far easier than having to keep saying non-traveller or non-gypsy. So what is your problem with the word? Do we not have the right to have our own language and use it?

It is only used in our discussion with you's because it is easier for us to describe what we are talking about. You do not need to get all defnesive and think we are slagging you and being nasty. But as soon as we have an opinon or in with a discussion you note things about what we are saying and try to use it against us as if we are doing wrong agian by just making a comment!!!!!

Why by using that word would it offend anyone? Other people get to use there own dialect. You have a word for us, which is Gypsy, it is easy to say and needs no other word to descripe us, it is not offensive and hurts no ones feelings because that is what we are. What you are are gorges, it should not hurt anyones feelings because that is what you are, you wouldnt call each other that because you dont speak our languague, but you have no right to get offended at us using our own language which has no ill meaning to it.

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You wouldnt ask a Asian to stop all the words he uses when he cant think of an english way to describe something. Robert, brotairs. As well you know no romany would object to being called a rom, just lookking you wouldnt object to scottish gtpsy shortned to scot. Robert, Brotairs L Mckay 'gyppo' and 'pikey' are used almost exlusively as terms of racist abuse. They mwn recocgnised as such by law and have no legitimate usage in our community. They are both derived from common slang of the vulgar.

John, Lamberhurst Isn't it how you use a name that is more offensive than the name itself? I'm a gay man, and if my mates call me a poof or a fag then I take it in a completely different way to if someone shouted it at me in the street. Every group of people has its own names for other groups, it's how it's taken by the other group that really matters isn't it?

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If Gypsies don't like "pikey" then it's up to the rest of us not to use it. I'd be interested to gypsy men looking for gorgers if Gypsies use the word to each other without causing any offence. Maggie To Christina L: Its great to be able to get your own opinion gorgegs people over the internet. There are so many people who are to ignorent to understand what ggypsy like for people who are not the same as themselves.

It gets me angry that gorgesr come on her thinking they are better than us because they are gorges. Are you suggesting that the travelling population yourself included condone the use of words like pikey or gypo to describe them? This one rule for one attitude only le to resentment and hatred between quite different social groups. Funny how certain ethnic groups resent the shortening of their groups and nationalities.

Sun Jan 30 Do you think this is fair? Looling are travellers allowed to call settled people what they like but we cannot call you gypo or pikey? Or do you think these phrases are acceptable? A case of double standards perhaps? H, London I have fog problem with the word Gorger, i just wanted to say that we are not all against gypsies even if thats the way it seems most of the time. Sat Jan 29 Bill so lets get this straight gorgers are allowed to have hundreds of words to seperate us from them.

Again discrimination against travellers Fri Jan 28 Maggie To Tammy: Im glad someone agrees with me.

Im sick of trying to tell people that we are not bad. The same way a lot of goges are lyers, thieves and murders so are some gypsys. So why does everyone think only bad things of gypsys.

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If a settled man called John walked into a shop and started to steal then would they ban all other men called John from the shop as well? Because that yorgers what happens with mej. If one does a bad thing then everyone else has to pay for that crime. People are so ignorent to girgers know the differnece between one person and another. Maggie To G Brown. How do you think we pay taxes? How do you pay taxes, i think we pay them pretty much the same way you do, unless there is a magical way other gypsys pay that i havent heard of.

Cos in my mind i thought we had the money taken straight out of our wages every month. And if we have our own business we would obviously have to pay the same way other people do.

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Being a traveller doesnt mean you have different rights on paying taxes. Some settled people dont pay taxes and scam the tax man and so do some travellers. But there are law gorfers unlaw obiding people in every race of people. It just torments my mind that because we are travellers we are automatically thought of as thieves, criminals and roughs. Tammy, West Midlands To maggie, birmingham. I read that message about the bad image of travellers and couldnt think of a good enough answer, but i agree with you completey, it might be true what she said about us but it is also true for the georgios too.

And i dont know how they can think that we dont pay taxes, im 19 and been paying taxes since i started work at I pay taxes the same way as anyone else, it comes out of me wages every month. Billy G Brown Between me and my family we own three business and have to pay shedlo. Thu Jan 27 Maggie Appelby gypsy men looking for gorgers looklng in the first weeks of June Thu Jan 27 Maggie, Birmingham To J Howard. Yes it does give us a bad image. Gorges have tatto's too, they gorggers have higer pregnancy ratings, as gypsys have to be married before having children.

England is supposed to be a land of equal oppertunities but its not, as we do not get treated equal, even though we are British. People get away with being racist to us but not to people of other nationalities or people of other colours. You would never walk past a shop and read a saying no Asian, or no Africans. We are clean, we stick to our beliefs and we have strong family values.

What is the difference between Gypsys and settled people? Does anyone agree? Billy I think everyone who works has to pay tax, thats how the system works. Unfortunately they dont let us gypsies off Brown, Scotland, residing Westminster Maggie from Birmingham: How exactly to thravelling people pay taxes?

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

What is the prefered payment method? Maggie, Birmingham Yes we do pay taxes if we work, the same as you do. Why woulden we. Ive paid taxes since i was 18 and im 21 now.

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Do you pay taxes. J Howard, Aberdeen Mention the word traveller or gypsy to most people and they instantly conjure up an image of tattooed simpletons, pregnant teenagers and horses running through council estates.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

Do you think this is a fair reflection on your lifestyle or has it hampered your efforts to gain recognition as equals? Wed Jan 26 They lived in Thakeham England before they lookkng. My Mum now lives in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. I am a nurse living in Florida, USA.

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