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about loooking Diamond. Diamond went on trial in Troy for the kidnapping and torture of trucker Grover Parks. He was acquitted of all charges on December 17, In the early hours of December 18, he was killed with three lookinb to the head in a rooming house on 67 Dove St. In July,Robert Garrow went on a killing spree that started in Syracuse and moved into the Adirondacks. A manhunt began after he stabbed year-old Philip Domblewski in Wells after tying him to a tree. He was convicted of four murders, but authorities believe he is responsible for as many as Serial killer Lemuel Smith was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of Albany religious store operators Robert Hedderman and Margaret Byron.

He was charged with the stabbing death of Joan Richburg, whose remains were found in her car at Colonie Center, and the murder of Marilee Wilson, whose body was uncovered in Schenectady. But indictments in those crimes were dismissed because Smith was already serving three life terms.

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The couple had gone to a drive-in movie with their children a few hours before someone set fire to their apartment in Cohoes in Gratto's husband and all seven children died in the blaze. While suspected, Virginia Gratto was never charged fkr setting the fire. about the Gratto fire.

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Times Union archive. Virginia Gratto, center, with her mother Ms. Frank Bellrose, oen, and her mother in law Mrs. Evelyn Pembroke, right, react during the burial of her husband John Gratto Sr. Funeral service for John Gratto Sr. Patrick's Church in Troy, June 6, InChatham High School student Wyley Gates was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting deaths of his father, brother, 3-year-old cousin and his father's live-in companion in their home in Canaan.

All were shot to death with a Walther PPK pistol that Gates and two buddies had stolen from his father. Despite a confession to police implicating himself, he and an accomplice, Damian Rossney, were acquitted of murder. Gates was released in after nearly 17 years in prison. He was convicted of 32 felonies from attacks on eight women, generally in the Pine Hills section of Albany. Typically, Hamilton's victims were attacked, sometimes in their own homes, and lpoking, beaten, bound, sodomized, raped and robbed.

He was suspected in at least 17 similar attacks.

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InRalph Tortorician irrational, rifle-toting psychology major, held 35 students in a University ome Albany classroom for two terror-packed tge. He fired at State Police hostage negotiators before wounding one of the hostages, Jason McEnaneywho knocked the gun out of his hands. Five other young men prevented carnage by blitzing the lookibg, pouncing on him and om him to the floor until police swept in and took him into custody.

Witter was strangled with an electrical cord, and her body was dumped in Stillwater. Seeber's then-boyfriend Jeffrey Hampshire was also charged with the murder, but was later acquitted. InChristine Wilhelmwho suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, drowned her young son and nearly killed his brother. She was convicted of murder inbut the decision was reversed in She was determined not guilty by reason of insanity, and is currently in a mental facility.

Michael Mosley was sentenced to life in prison for the murders. Mosley argued he had received ineffective legal defense from Albany lawyer Terence L.

Rdthey were both sentenced to 15 years in prison. The military charged Martinez with two counts of premeditated murder, but inhe was acquitted of all charges. As a year-old, Philip Pitcher Jr. The charges were eventually dismissed, and he was sent to a center for troubled youths.

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Then, in JunePitcher pleaded guilty in the crack cocaine-induced killing of his aunt, Lisa Pitcher. Pitcher admitted to stabbing her in the neck with a steak knife, then in the chest with a pair of scissors before setting a fire in her apartment to cover up the scene. The reason for her attack remains unclear. InJose Munoz snapped 4-year-old Xctasy Garcia's shoulder and blinded her with chemicals as punishment for wetting her pants. The abuse - and allegations that Xctasy's mother, Delia Hernandezdid nothing to stop it - outraged the public.

It also led to major reforms in county child abuse prevention policies. The manager of the motel had alerted the Department of Social Services two weeks earlier after a tenant reported hearing being abused, but they took no direct steps to investigate the incident. Former state health aide, Edwin Tirado was convicted of manslaughter after fatally restraining the boy. The driver of the van they were in, Nadeem Mallpleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide after driving around for 90 minutes and stopping at a video store after the child became unconscious.

He was convicted in and sentenced to life in prison. Albany County Court Judge Stephen Herrick said that in the probation report Underdue told a doctor, "You can't cry over spilled milk" when asked about the case.


Judge Stephen Herrick said Timmons wantonly shot and killed Thomas while on "combat patrol" in West Hill, using a "community handgun. In OctoberUniversity at Albany student Richard Bailey was shot in the head and killed as he walked home from a friend's house during an attempted robbery at South Lake Avenue and Yates Street in Albany. The three had been on bicycles that night hoping to score "free money" -- robbery cash -- after Caldwell lost money playing forr.

InAdrian Thomas was convicted of murder in the death of his 4-month-old son after he threw him on the bed in frustration. The state court of appeals ordered a new trial inand Thomas was found not guilty.

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Informer Schenectady City Schools facilities supervisor Steven Raucci was arrested for vandalism and placing explosive devices on cars and people's homes. The remains of two family dogs were also found. Slocum claimed that then-girlfriend Loretta Colegrovewho lived in the home with him and kne infant son, shot the victims.

She said Slocum, whom she feared, llooking the wheel of his family's Ford Mustang — then drove her and the baby on a frightening odyssey before surrendering to police in New Hampshire. InEric J.

Ina judge sentenced former Albany broker Timothy M. McGinn to 15 years in prison and gave his ex-partner, David L. Smitha year term for what federal prosecutors are calling the largest financial crime in the history of their upstate New York district. The firm began in on Pine Street in Albany and ended in disgrace after victimizing investors from around the country. A chart showing the use of trust funds is displayed as U.

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District Courthouse in Albany, N. Vega then set the building on fire with gasoline to cover up the crime. Milligan was pregnant at the time. Her unborn daughter was to have been named Alina.

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In JuneSteven Walker plead guilty to pulling lookimg the permanent teeth of an 8-year-old developmentally disabled girl in his care using pliers. He was sentenced to four years in state prison. A homeless man and an unemployed laborer were arrested for the crime. Sources with knowledge of the case said Reuter knew Allen Lockrow from the Lansingburgh OTB parlor to which Lockrow regularly went to bet on horse racing.

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According to Maria Lockrow's brother, Thaddeus Pietrak, there was talk that Lockrow had hit it big on a race, though the amount was exaggerated. As part of his plea deal, Reuter testified he hit Allen Lockrow in the head with a baseball bat then beat him on the head and back. Heimroth, he said, attacked Maria Lockrow with a wooden 2-by-4 board, hitting her on the head and back. Robert Butler of Saratoga Springs was initially charged with arson and murder, but was later released.

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Johnsville was arraigned in November on two felony counts of lying to a federal grand jury about being near the scene of the fire. He was convicted and is serving a yuo sentence. Duell, who admitted to the Times Union that she lied to police when she implicated Butler and claimed she was with him when he set the fire, later asked to recant her initial testimony and testified a second time before a grand jury.

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Duell said she lied under duress because she feared not being reunited with her fourth child, Sa'Fyre, who was badly burned in the blaze. She plead guilty on May 16, Michael P. In Octoberfour people, two adults and two children, were found slain inside a home on Western Avenue in Guilderland. She then concocted a story about the kindergartner being kidnapped.

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At the time of his death, Onee White had been living with Tiffany and his two sisters under the care of Brenda VanAlstyneTiffany's mother. She was ruled negligent in a separate Albany County Family Court proceeding after testimony showed one of Kenneth's siblings had bruises all over her body and that the remaining two children, ages 4 and 5, talked rre how their cousin Tiffany would beat them.

Family Court also took VanAlstyne's rights away to see the two remaining children. The girls have been in foster care since his death. The home later went up in flames in what officials said was a suspicious fire.

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A third defendant, Troy Saunders, in photowho prosecutors have said was the triggerman, is charged with first- and second-degree murder and other felonies, including several robbery and gun-related crimes. The criminal complaint indicates Saunders and his alleged accomplices made phone calls and texts to Best to determine his whereabouts, drove around looking for him and then finally followed him to his home. On May 15,Courtney Yates was shot in the head by a bullet from Jaushi'ir Weaverwho fired 14 times into a crowd of people at Lark St.

The shooting was retribution for the slaying six days earlier of Latwan Hankins, 21, who was gunned down on the Livingston Park basketball courts in West Hill. Yates was not involved in Hankins' death. Mark Bowman was also sentenced to 21 years for attempted murder and for being a getaway driver. In the photo, friends of Courtney Yates gather around a memorial near the shooting scene.

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