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Was this helpful? Now looking for a new out look is a full inch up and why change the position? Improvements in the search engine are great, what does moving it accomplish? This is terrible. What is the fix, how to I go back to the old and working, from this new and disastrous? It is the worst update I have ever seen. I think the creator or the owner is someone mind-bogglingly organized. I am still thinking that this was generated by humans an I wrong?

Any heavy user of outlook would agree. The extra real estate that you have to cover is not acceptable. An MS rep responded that it works well with the Simplified Ribbon. Unfortunately, the Simplified Ribbon does not work for heavy users of the product. Hi, Alex. It also happened to me, but I returned it back to its original location. Thank you. You gave me my sanity back!

Thank you very much for clear instructions. Turned it off, and it returned Search box to original location. Could you let me know here I can locate it please? Great save. I also hate it. For me, it is all about not having to move my mouse that extra inch. Just tried your suggestion and the search bar is back where it belongs. Thank you!

This helped me so much, just the info I was looking for! Returned it right back where it needed to be. That change threw me off kilter and it was annoying. Thank you again. You are so great i spent my hours for getting back of search location, but it did not work. But your suggestion solved this problem. God bless you. Oh please someone screenshot… I cannot find that option either.

Right click on the Outlook ribbon.

Select Customize the Ribbon. Select Home Mail located in the list on the right-hand side. In the Choose commands from the list on the left side, select All Tabs. Under Search Looking for a new out look, select Search. Between the two lists, click Add to move Search from the left list to the right list. Click OK to finish. This is really horrible! After tirelessly searching for information on how to put the search back where it belongs… I find this.

Thank you I had same problem last night looked and tried everything I found this tried what you had put and it worked Thanks again. Yes, bring back the old search bar, you cant even copy and paste. This is essential for this business. HELP I agree! I use 3 s and want those lioking at the top. I agree — this feature is dreadful. Any way to convert to setting?

June and I just found out about it. I must admit, people who are up and chippy about these changes, must be so wrong inside. Ouh times 60GB of s. And the funny bit? Indexing is far worse than anything I encountered on a personal computer ever. The whole office hates ndw new position. Its too inconvenient to move your mouse farther and then go back to the scroll bar. The old position is perfectly fine. I hate it too. I work using a lot of req uisition s that correlate to specific reqs so when I get an about a specific req I like to search my w for all nw concerning the req.

I truly hope they add the option to move it back. The lookijg with suggestions gets in the way of the toolbar. My users all hate it. They really need to think things like this through….

Whole day im trying to find option to move search box from the top and now i found this blog. Same here. I spent almost hours trying to go through the different View settings and landed on thisfinally. This should be at-least backward compatible. I do not like this at all. Like some others said at least give us the option to move it back; I do a lot of searching, I do not find this easier I actually find it more awkward.

Blah Microsoft. I hate it. All the options that pop in, also makes it feel cluttered. Is anyone looking for a new out look having an issue where when you click the search box, all of the search options show up in the main tab area, but trying to click into the search options takes focus away from the search box which makes the tab area go away. My colleagues and are really disliking this change. It takes soo much longer to find something now.

What N Peep is saying sounds different, however—that the Search Tools Ribbon actually disappears completely, even after the drop down is gone. And no, I have not seen that. The Search Tools tab stays active in my usage so far, as long as the cursor is still in the Search box. I hate it as well. I work on 2 large monitors within 6 — 8 programs, where they placed and do not allow you to move it is not only dumb but frustrating.

I second this — Hate its location now. Please give us an option to move it back. Geez how can MS not realize this when do these changes? I use outlook on three machines. All have he same build and only one has the search bar in the quick access. Sorry rant over, just so damn annoyed as it really slows one down if you are working on a few monitors at the same time. You now need to click to search, click the mailbox folder you want to search within, then click again to choose the folder.

It used to be 2 clicks. Now it is 4. Why did they make it extra clicks? One of the worst updates Microsoft ever made! This is the part that baffles me. On one PC, I installed via the O portal and then ran updates and the search bar is at the very top. On another PC, from the same install button in the O portal, install and update did not move the search box.

Solved my frustrations! I have two installations laptop and desktop of the same outook subscription, both updated to the SAME release and one has looking for a new out look search bar at the top, and the other is the usual place: above the s. It cannot be any more weird. Ctrl-E or Alt-Q pop you right into the search bar. I still would prefer in the old location though. Chucking all is not healthy, praxian change.

If the change was about creating a faster search tool, did we have to move it to accelerate it? So why is it a hassle? I use Outlook as an archive system I research every living moment of the day. Frustrating, tis all i can say. This is the first search bar placed so far…most dictionaries including the Outlook Dictionary is immediately above the search request. These options DID exist before but now have become easier to use since its next to the search box now.

Is it possible to realign the position of search fields to be able to achieve maybe a from, to, subject, body etc type positioning? It was possible earlier. Thank Rhys, that helped very much. I also re-wound and now have it in the right place. Are we now stuck with the new search location? It seems like a good use of space to me. That title bar is sitting up there doing nothing anyway. Why not move the bar up there and free up those pixels from the messages column.

Ctrl-E or F3 will get you to the search bar in Outlook.

This happened to my colleague. She is not stuck with it. Search bar is back in the old position. DANG…it worked. BTW, this too proves Darwin was confused. Right on Denise! This fixed it back to where I get all my additional search fields loiking. You rock! I do hate it when they change things like this. I suppose because they would lose their jobs. Same with Word, Excel etc.

To change this, you may loooing to change your Office Channel to lkok annual. This is very frustrating — as I usually llook copy a or address. PLUS I use copy and paste all the time. I do not understand why this no longer works. Any help would be greatly appreciate it. Not only the position, but also the working algorithm. We work in virtual mode and the search bar gets hidden under ffor virtual bar!

I have to move it every time I need to search Outlook. My screen lopk minimizes every time I use the search function now. Is there any way to get the Search Tab with all the search tools below it to stay permanently on the ribbon? It only appears transiently when clicking the cursor in the new search field, which of course immediately covers up up the options with the drop down menu! You can finally access it then but once you move on to any of the other permanent sub-menus in the ribbon, Search disappears.

You cannot Right Click and Paste what you want to search in this stupid search bar. Have to turn off Office Insider to get back the old search that works. Outlook is basically still the same program from 20 years ago as nothing has changed for the better.

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I will be moving full time to new improved Gmail with my GSuite once my year expires. This search bar moved to the top because fr turn on Coming Soon feature. To move it back just off this option and restart Outlook. Wahid, You just lookinv me!!!! Many Thanks! I trully hope Microsoft drop the idea of moving the search bar. But it seems like that will only be a temporary fix.

I also am NOT a fan of the new search. I truly hope that MS will hear their customers and provide an option for those of us who want the lool using the existing search as is. Not user friendly! Can we please ahve a n option to put it back where it was? I was unhappy at looking for a new out look when the search box moved. But, this is much better at constructing defined searches and much faster, at ojt for me.

I also like that MS finally decided to put color looj in the title bars for Office I hated accidentally closing the wrong widow when I had them stacked and they all looked the same. As soon as we get comfortable with where something is… it moves, changes on its own, or disappears. I wish the updates would come with a he up….

Instead people have to waste time looking for solutions and dead ends, when the crap changes right in the middle of using it. I hate when others are always thinking they know what is best for me, so they limit my options. Make my life easier, not harder. Why why why? I hate when they move things. Fine, the search engine might be faster, but why does the input lookijg need to move?

What a bunch of christly numptybollocks who came up with this change. Were people complaining about the location of the search box?

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Can you guide how to remove the new outlook Search and return back to old where there were option of multiple search criterion. This is ridiculous. Having the search bar aa the top of the screen is time consuming and a PIA. Move it back. Having to click out of the central screen, move the mouse up and then search is ridiculous.

Some changes are annoying cause we have to change muscle memory, but it might be better in the long run. With the new set up, I am unable to copy and paste text into the search field. This cripples what I do ,ook day. Terrible change. No right click and the annoyance of having to clear the dropdown is stupid. It takes about 6 clicks instead of 2. Why are MS wasting time doing things like this instead of fixing the bugs and issues we keep raising with them.

This is looking for a new out look. I came in today and it had just changed…. I run multiple companies folders through this and each company folder had a search bar. Now I have to search through one bar at the top of the and double check I am searching the correct company…. Unable to change back even using suggestions provided here…. Hate it. Hate it Hate it. There is no issue with my network, we just use an external lut to provide. Basically the new system has broken searching altogether without following a second link.

It takes longer. It displays irrelevant options. It automatically hides items because it decides they are worthy. Please let me nee back to the old version!! Some of us actually work and a few extra neew or having to stop and look for a search bar is counterproductive. What can Lookihg do to return search back? Some Ideas? Sometimes MS UX deer are just flat out terrible. Why would anyone travel with the eye all the way to the top of the screen to the newly positioned search box there when the eye is focusing on the calendar.

You are asking the user to look across too much away from where the information is needed. Keep it simple the looknig it used to be! The new search location is awful. After trying, unsuccessfully to find a way to move it back, I finally reverted back to the fpr of Office I used the same procedure to go back to Lot of people are complaining too.

There has been a small improvement regarding the issue where ribbon options are hidden by the drag box. Now the search bar up to the top!!! It is not user friend at all! I just need to look up and down repeatedly!!!! It has too many search options!!! Searching is easy by typing some key words. It may just copy and paste those key words anywhere in some s or anywhere! Looks like change for the sake of change. As pointed out by others, this is a big problem for heavy Outlook users. Not hew at all, and now the Coming Soon option is no longer in play.

Stupid move, MS. Rather than depending on the mouse, press F3 to focus the cursor on the Search input field. Type the desired search ned OR use Ctrl-V to lokk text from your clipboard and press Enter to execture the search.

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What a terrible location for the search bar!!! Thanks for not giving me the freedom to choose either Microsoft! I absolutely hate the new position of the search bar. Absolutely annoying. They need to put more space between the top of the screen and the search bar. Or go back to the old search button. Does anybody noticed that new search box needs to be finished with enter to search something? What the sort of idiot made that! Is MS listening to its client base, US? No… If I treated my clients like this, I would be out of business a long time ago….

Jesus effing Christ why is this enforeced this way!?!?! At least give people the option to use their garbage idea or not!!! Worst thing ever!!! Pointless improvement, if you can call it. Please put it back where it was. It needs to go back as my clients hate the new location. At minimum, users should have the ability to move it. I am remote desktopping whilst working from home.

Looking for a new out look

So many users troubled. I wasted over 4 precious hours trying to find some solution, but nothing works. When you do something so terribly shitty, why make it so terribly impossible to get rid of it? I mean, there are millions of customizations possible in Outlook, but this one damn thing, which is killing everyone, there is just no way out.

Suffer, suffer and suffer, because just because Microsoft has a monopoly and some idiot wants us all to suffer. Microsoft wants to hurt us I think. I agree with most that this new search is terrible. This is a horrible update on Microsoft part.

Up, it's free!

Many disadvantages for most ndw using this feature every 5 minutes. This needs to have an option to find a way to restore to original view. ly I had chosen my standard filters and simply used them times a day, and they worked even with parts of the words. Get back the old search!! I will eventually get used to Ctrl E to avoid this but so far I have experienced ZERO improvement from this change, only a pile of annoyances over relearning a process that worked just fine before… and yes the use of the new auto and manual drop downs are obnoxious.

I loo one computer that still has the search bar in the original location and it is running the exact same version most current version and updates as my other computers. Wish I knew why so I could move the others back. My experience…if not alreadu covered…Bad bad bad…plus all the other valid points well made above… 1. To get to the search boxes and execute a search with more lookimg a single parameter is 4 clicks plus typing text which in this day and age is an abysmal UX.

Plus the search button is not auto-tabbed — why not?. Easy to select the wrong area in the search box and move the whole Outlook window. If you click on a search bar icon with fkr drop-down which is 3 clicks awayi. The problem is clicking away immediately turns the search box off which then means another 3 clicks to get back to the right box hopefully. Again terrible UX experience. Why have a close search button when clicking off the area closes it looklng.

This is not uncommon with MS and their poor decision making in some areas of the business. I am part of a small company looking for a new out look interfaces like this and we are continually reviewing the UX, usability, simplicity, and checking with user groups that they approve of the changes with any feed vor carefully reviewed in context nfw where valid is implemented. MS — abysmal change on this occasion and no iut who would let this get through the change board.

Worrying really. Lpoking am amazed that no-one senior at Microsoft shares our hatred for this abysmally implemented change. Just leave it where it was or move it to where it is in Outlook OWA. I struggle to read the very top of the screen. I agree with everyone. Been through the pain like everyone else. And for me, definitely did not work as efficiently. You can roll back to an older version before the search moved—MS have a that offers a full description how to do it.

Very annoying, have to say. Or is it an ivory tower problem? My entire working day — especially my mornings — revolved around that Search Box.

Looking for a new out look

I hate it, I have multiple inboxes in Outlook and when I am in an inbox looking for a new out look is quicker to search in the old format as it auto default to lopking inbox I am in and I have to move my mouse less in the old version. Now I have to move to the top of the screen for each search. Can we have the option for either or? Give us options at the very least please, please, loooing Everyone complaining does know that if you go under Help there is a feedback button.

It would either become an option or get revoked. This search bar placement is the absolute worst. Put it back where is was. Please just undo this headache. This is the worst change ever. To not be able to copy and paste to find s I need for work is irritating and frustrating. This was a horrible decision. Is there a way to put it back. This is slowly down my productivity. I agree with the vast majority of users.

If someone from MS is reading these comments and can do something about it, have enough concern to listen nee the backbone lool change it back the way it was. I read this whole and i have to say…. My vote is to give us options of having it the way that is user friendly to us. Who the heck thinks of these changes? Do they even use Outlook as a daily driver? Not the first time they make some ificant and very questionable changes.

This is an unnecessary change that slows down the workflow and is inconveniently placed totally out of reach. At least make an option to move this back to the original spot. This change is plain dumb. Mutilple extra clicks needed and limited tailoring functionality. ly could save preferred search lolking settings for future session use.

It is always important to move your mouse as little as possible to get lok what you want and the same relates to Outlook. If you are searching for an you want the search box to be as close as possible to the you are looking for and not have to move across the looking from top to side. At the very least the user should have the option to move this x to the old location. Whoever was the driving force behind this needs to rethink their actions in the future.

I give this an F minus. Thank you Michael and also for the video.

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What I am about to write is ofcourse no rant towards you. Been using Office Outlook for years and by far, this is the worst change. The Search Suggestions are just weird: it is acting now as a kind os search history. And what suggestion will it give? Also the Actions. Yet MS choose to ignore all that. Resulting in it being implemented in the Looking for a new out look Build released September where, again, the reactions were negative.

All kind of remarks with clear, logical statements why it would not work and be bad in Outlook. Yet MS choose, again, to ignore all that. And fkr June it is literary raining complaints and rightfully so. This is just awful! I agree with everyone else the search bar should be able to go back to the old position. It is driving a lot of us at work crazy. It should be part of the view you can personalize. Make the change to be able to change where it is located.

It looks like you have plenty of complaints about it so it is not an upgrade. I hate the audacity that they would change a product that I OWN without my permission and without giving me the ability to change it back!!! Does that sound like a time saving upgrade to you?? Rant over. BTW; doe anyone recommend an alternate option to Microsoft office? This change would have millions of down-votes. Want it back where it was. I hate it also. It wont let me copy and paste either where the old search tool allowed that.

What kind of imbeciles do they have making these decisions? Before they make changes they should have normal people check it out and give them feedback. Microsoft should feel bad, very bad. Whoever made this decision needs to sit in the corner with a dunce hat on. Not impressed with this change. After typing in the keywords, I can tab over to Current Mailbox, but the down arrow will not open the drop down menu. It will take me to the Ribbon, but then why have the drop down menu options????

Do deers get paid to make changes? It seems that they make changes willy nilly, not taking to the real users. The Search Bar at the top is impractical. Once you click on the Search bar, the drop down covers up the Search by From:, Subject:, and has attachments:. It would be much healthier looing Microsoft gave us the options to accept various changes. How do I change the location back and not have to have extra clicks???? This is ridiculous! Agree this is a terrible change, one that just should up on my Outlook a dor of weeks ago.

Whoever came up with this? The ly robust search capabilities of Outlook has in my view been ificantly degraded for all the reasons mentioned. Its a terrible change. ly, I have made lpoking filter on which I want to search and it was looking for a new out look easy, now it take clicks to do that. How to go back to old search option please? We investigated adding an option to support search in the old location.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot support making the search box location configurable. Future Microsoft Search updates are incompatible with the old location. Foor is also ificant risk in maintaining the old search component due to increased complexity that le loking a higher rate of bugs. As one of the most used controls in Outlook making sure that we provide a stable and reliable search experience is one of our top priorities. After that we have a fix coming to make changing scope easier by adding a more prominent scope changing control.

You can details about these fixes in our blog post. While our search success data is showing that the majority of users are having more success with the new search experience, we understand that moving the search box is a big change that can be disruptive. From the product team, thank you for your patience as we continue to learn how to make Outlook changes easier going forward and continue to work on improving the search experience. I agree that this was really poorly thought out!

You can customize the ribbon… add any functions in that space looling push those buttons further to the right. Whoever came up with moving the search bar to the top must be awarded the dumbest innovation in Microsoft for It really suck!!!

Open the settings pane

Clearly an oversite. It stopped doing that. I guess deers decided that the end user should not get away with just 2 clicks when 25 will suffice…. I already spent many hours an did not get fixed. Please fixed back, I used to sort hundreds of s a week. I wanted to move the search back, and came up with an even better idea. Now its even easier than before as your most used ones are right there.

It makes so much more sense to have it just above the list. Have had it for a few months and still not used neww it. Terrible idea to move it where it is! At lease provide the option to bring it back, please. Add a million widgets to the quick launch bar at the top to the left of the new Search bar. Nice job Microsoft. The search bar sucks.

Geez, Microsoft is literally the dumbest software company in the universe. Who is NOT going to get more then items returned in a search request!!! I have found the following solution, which is admittedly still clumsy, but solved my most immediate issue of restoring the advanced find window. Dor just upgraded to latest and search box again moved to top.

How can I move it back to old position. Any help appreciated including pinning old version.

Looking for a new out look

Change search location back. I hate this search box. I am just glad I found a site to express how much I hate it. Please give the option of the old search bar location again, this new location is terrible. Whoever moved it to the top has no idea how people perceive. This is why brands pay big bucks for just the right place on supermarket shelves — shelf space on the top or bottom shelves lokk the cheapest real estate. Lpoking new search bar is totally out of place.

It needs to go back where it was. This is as bad as when they forced the delete key next to the flag and not let be able to move the flag or get rid of the delete X like we used to be able to do using the touch selection. Leave the program alone — you are not improving. Thanks, Microsoft for making our lives hell.

Perhaps Microsoft could consider giving us the option to choose from, e.

Looking for a new out look

Imagine if you dor access to arrange the layout of the entire Outlookthat way you could customize it the way you wanted and save the configuration, and always have it looking the way that you wanted! In my humble opinion, when making layout changes Microsoft should always give the user the option to continue using the old layout or to choose the new layout, and not just change it.

Is there an option to have it moved back to the position? In my case, I have 9 s I have to watch different order s, bid requests, etc. My annoyance with the new search bar is if Looknig aim too high with my mouse I wind up minimizing my Outlook. This is certainly not helping with my productivity. A week after the search bar in Outlookrelocated to the top of the screen and was then virtually useless, yesterday it moved position again to below the quick access toolbar just above the listed s.

It simply ihas been a downgrade.

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Besides a poorly placed search bar, sometimes you must click your mouse to search and sometimes you can use return. The are poor. Just let us go back and search for from, to, contents, subject, etc. It is so difficult to get to lookinb options now and it is driving me nuts. W for contacts is no better — used to get active as you typed — now good luck. Although I would prefer they move the search bar back its not really that bad, but it is really taking some getting used to.

Do it. Do it now!!!!!!!!!! Move it back microsoft. Its garbage now. Very distracting. Not even centered. Do they test this stuff? Or maybe ask real users for their opinion before they publish it? This is driving me nuts! Looklng, come on!! Why not offer a options in settings to replace the search bar. I hate this change. Absolutely the worst ever! Use it at work and used the other feature all day long. The tips in these blogs and newsletters are just that, small tips and lessons to make you more productive.

In those classes, the entire Master Your Now! The material can be directed for any existing lpoking level. Michael Linenberger's Blog.

Home All blog posts. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. October 23, at pm. December 2, at am. Mark Bell says:. February 4, at am. February 12, at am. Josh says:. February 20, at pm. Imirhe Ochuko says:. May 9, at am. Darius says:. March 5, at am. March 6, at am. Barbara Rulison says:. May 5, at am. KathyT says:. May 6, at pm. Comi says:. May 7, at am. Perfect explanation. I would write same. We need option to move back search bar to old position.

Lex says:. June 15, at am.

I do not like the new search feature!! I would like it moved back where it was! Brian says:. July kook, at am. NV says:. September 21, at am. Mudaser Saeed says:. November 15, at pm. Gregory says:. December 9, at pm. Darius says it all. Annoying, frustating pop up box makes searching so much slower! Mohamed Sharaf says:. March 10, at am. Kevin Wilson says:. March 26, at am. Matthew says:. December 9, at am. May 5, at pm. Michael says:. May 6, at am. Tom says:. This basically sums up my impression, as well.

Mike Clarke says:. May 7, at pm. FOA says:. May 22, at am. CMB says:. June 14, at pm. Michael Vernon says:. July 27, at pm. Trevor says:. November 3, at am. Frank says:. The autofill prompt covers up the essential filter buttons from, attachments, time frame!!!! The bar needs to go back to its original position. Vikas Chopra lokking. May 8, at am. Luis de la Cruz says:. May 11, at am. DeeAnn Evans says:. May 15, at pm.

Looking for a new out look

Use Ctrl-V. Rogerio Martins says:. There is no longer copy and paste nor drag and drop features. I hate Microsoft! Barbara Carter says:. May 13, at am. Robert Rosenthal says:.

Looking for a new out look

July 7, at pm. Brad says:. May 18, at am. Arlan Swanson says:.

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